Wine Tasting – July meeting

Wines from New Zealand have become increasingly popular over the last twenty years, particularly Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, despite being a little more expensive than similar Old and New World wines.  There is a good selection available in Market Harborough and by mail order, designed to appeal to popular tastes and budgets.  However in some cases the pressure on price has resulted in some bland or coarse wines.  Therefore for our July meeting John decided to bring along three more expensive, unknown wines, and one well known one, albeit quite expensive.  And guess what?  We rated the popular Villa Maria best and members gave it a very high score, higher than given to a wine made from selected and hand picked grapes, at double the price.  Villa Maria has been developed and improved by skilful blending to produce a high quality wine that is good for sipping and would go well with most summer food.  It normally sells for around £12 (a bit expensive perhaps), but through a combination of discounts John obtained ours for £8.  If you can find it at this price, treat yourself!
We do not meet in August and the dates for the autumn are as follows: 21st September – Jon; 26th October – Helen; 16th November – Peter; 14th December – Pat.  Michael Switzer.