Wine Tasting – December 2020

The SLU3A wine group managed to meet a few times in gardens during the summer and early Autumn, but the change to a rule of 6 meant we had to stop. Zoom was considered but it was impossible to organise the usual comparison of 4 wines, which is the way the group operates usually. But a bottle owned by Sylvia triggered the following thoughts.

When it comes to buying wine there is very little substantial guidance available on the bottle. We’re used to ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but we are able to read the blurb on the back to get an idea of what the content is about. Not so with wine. Reading out the description on wine labels is a favourite pastime in our wine tasting group, Our meetings are often peppered with ‘spicy black fruit flavours’, ‘hints of dark cherry and chocolate’ for reds and ‘lychee and flower blossom’ or ‘peach and apricot notes’ for whites. We often struggle to identify with the flavours we’re supposed to be experiencing. What on earth does a wine writer mean when they suggest it has a ‘silky texture’?

But the one that Sylvia has treasured surely has to be the most creative and also ridiculous! What would you expect from this?

‘From deep within the impenetrable wilds of Southern France, amongst the baked soil and jagged rocks carved by the interminable winds of immeasurable millennia, comes Rex Mundi. This dark secret, named for the Cathar’s long forgotten king of the World, the lord of earthly pleasures and the forbidden delights of mortal flesh, will stain your soul with its luscious berry fruit and leave you forever luxuriating in its hauntingly deep grip. Once feared by all that were holy, good and righteous, Rex Mundi has again risen to strike fear in the hearts of all those dare to unleash him.’

Sylvia’s verdict? It was a very nice wine but nothing could possibly live up to such a description!