Wine Tasting – December

Our tasting this month concluded our year of the wines of Western Europe with a look at the Northern Rhone. The dominant grape of the Northern Rhone area is the Syrah – the same variety that turns up in Australia as Shiraz.  Our wines started off piste in Romania with Nonius: Feteasca Neagra / Shiraz 2017 Aldi £5.49 – which was not very well rated – and then moved to trio of wines bought at Majestic, all coming from within 10 km of Tain L’Hermitage.  We found a surprising variety of flavours amongst these three given that they are grown so closely together, and all made of the same grape.  Sadly we again failed to spot any bargains and rated the wines in price order. The favourite for the evening was the Chapoutier, Petite Ruche: Crozes Hermitage 2014 £16.99.  Next year we will be comparing the wines of the New World and their Old World equivalents.


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