Wine tasting – August


For the July meeting we tasted four wines made from the Riesling grape in New Zealand, Germany, France (Alsace) and Austria.  Most of the bottles claimed that their area was ideal for the cultivation of Riesling, and it is a tribute to the versatility of this noble grape that most of the wine for the evening scored highly.  It seems likely that other areas of France beyond Alsace would also grow great Riesling were this not illegal under French law!  Our favourite of the wines Shaun brought was the New Zealand Marlborough “Villa Maria Private Bin” 2017 from Majestic, with the Alsace “Clos St-Jacques Riesling” 2015 (also Majestic) coming a close second.  The group is still at full strength, but we are tantalisingly close to having enough names to be able to launch an independent additional group, so please get in touch if you are interested.


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