Wine tasting – April

This month we tasted four wines based on the Cabernet Sauvignon grape.  The first and last of the wines came from the Medoc area of Bordeaux in Old World France, the spiritual home of this grape.  The New World is represented by the second wine from Australia and the third from Chile.

All the wines came from Majestic, with the prices being those for “mix 6” as nobody we’ve met ever wants to pay the significant premium for buying less than the threshold!

We really did not rate Les Sources De Livran, Château Livran, ABV 12.5% £9.99 2013 – two people even rated it a zero.  Interestingly, on the Majestic website it does not seem popular either; it has a very low recommendation rate.

The next wine was the group’s favourite of the evening. Parcel Series Cabernet Sauvignon, ABV 14% £9.99 2017 is a very black wine from Australia’s Coonawarra.  Unusually Majestic’s website description of “voluptuous” even seems accurate for this one.

Silver Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon, ABV 12% £5.59 2018 from Chile was rather thin and did not rate so well – though it’s not bad for the price, and for one person it was the best of the evening.

Our final wine was Chateau Tour Haut Caussan, ABV 13% £11.99 2007 was our favourite Old World wine of the evening, and the best of the evening for two people.

Overall, the New World wines won, even though they had the smaller budget, and price was no guide to popularity.