Wine Tasting – April meeting

Sylvia and Mike brought five delicious wines from southern France to our April meeting, including a bottle of Blanquette de Limoux to toast the Queen on her 90th birthday.  Blanquette is the world’s oldest sparling wine and is as good as, or superior to, much of the Prosecco now so popular.  At £6.99 from Lidl, it is very good value if you like sparkling wine.  The star of our evening was the Minervois (La Liviniere) from Majestic which was rated very highly; unfortunately it costs £12.99 a bottle.  However, the aromatic Limoux from Lidl (£6.99) is an absolute bargain if you can still find a bottle.  We wait in anticipation for what Angie will bring from Provence to our meeting on 19th May.  At our summer supper (Referendum) party on 23rd June we will sample French cheese and pate with the wine, just in case it is in short supply after the vote!  If you are interested in joining the group , please contact me.  Michael Switzer.