Wine Tasting, April 2019

As we reach warmer weather, so we have moved over from red wine to white, and this month we tasted wines made from the Riesling grape.  Michael brought us four to try as part of our theme “Old World, New World”.  The Old World was represented by Neubern Riesling 2017 from Austria – Lidl, £3.99, 13.5% and by Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt Spaetlese 2016 from the German Mosel, Co-op, £12, 9%.  These were two very different wines – the first being dry and quite fully flavoured with a touch of spritz and the Mosel being sweet but with enough acidity to balance that sweetness.  These two wines tied for winning the evening, the Austrian with a much more consistent scoreline: everybody liked it quite a lot.  The Mosel had the same aggregate score but a wider variety of views on it.  The New World was represented by two Australian wines.  McGuigan Classic, SE Australia 2018, Sainsbury, £5.35, 11.5% scored much worse than the Austrian and German, but it in turn outscored Grand Barossa Chateau Tanunda 2018, Sainsbury £18, 12.5% – a very disappointing wine at any price and certainly not worth the £18.