Walking (All Day) – Dec 28 2017

Eleven intrepid walkers set off for their Christmas walk today from Braybrooke, braving the icy tracks down Newland Street to the field path covered in crisp, white snow leading to the Brampton Valley Way. Thinking the going would be much easier we found the Way icy in many places. Not deterred we carried on southwards only to find the Way was barricaded in several places by fallen trees (presumably the Christmas winds). Teamwork and problem solving kicked in and members nimbly overcame all obstacles (see photos). A belated hot chocolate stop before the climb over the tunnel was welcomed by everyone before turning left towards Waterloo Lodge.

The walk over the snowy white fields in the beautiful winter sun was delightful. Then we hit another teamwork task: another fallen tree branch blocking one of the swing gates. Not to be daunted, some members tackled the climb over the adjacent fence while others found a way around the back of some farm buildings.

Finally, we trekked through more crunchy, snowy fields before joining the path back towards the welcome sight of Braybrooke Church. Once back in the village we paused to look at the flooded Harborough Road by the River Jordan (blocked drains some locals advised us).

We all thoroughly enjoyed our winter walk on a sunny day, rounding it off with a welcome lunch hosted by members Helen Salisbury and Bob Morris. Several members remarked that it’s going to be one of those memorable walks when people say in years to come, ‘Do you remember that Christmas walk when it snowed and … ?’