Ukulele – November

Our October sessions featured three categories of songs: ones expressing RELIGIOUS sentiments; ones of a CAMPAIGNING character; and ones written by non-performing SONGWRITING PARTNERSHIPS. What splendid variety !  We also received feedback on one of our recent concert performances as follows:

‘It has been a source of constant conversation here, since Strictly Ukulele performed for us, about how good you were and when can we get you back? Feedback has been so positive, not just from those who were there to enjoy your performance, but some of the families have mentioned what a positive effect the afternoon had had on their relative.’

So it’s heart-warming to know that the happiness we bring with our performances is not simply confined to those in attendance. Care to give us a try ? We were all beginners once. I’ve a spare uke you could borrow. Yes, have uke, be happy.


David Evans 01858 463045