We are an enthusiastic – and growing – group of members, from beginners upwards, who come together to sing and play our ukuleles, for the enjoyment of us all.  Interested?  Call me.  We are now recovered from our run of concerts in December and, as from January, are back in our old routine.  This consists of playing our ukuleles and singing along to some splendid songs covering many years and styles. There is no requirement to perform in concerts, and some of our members prefer not to, which is absolutely fine.  However, others enjoy the experience of performing in front of an audience, so Strictly Ukuleles (the performing cohort) will undoubtedly be doing more concerts this year.  If you know of any group that might enjoy a performance from us, please let me know.  We don’t charge, but request a small donation if possible, which we pass on entirely to charity.  David Evans.