Network Quiz

Notice is hereby given of the Syston & District U3A Executive Committee’s intention to hold – for your entertainment and  amusement – A Grand Network U3A Quiz to be held on the evening of Tuesday, March 13th 2018
commencing at 7.00 pm sharp, at the Syston Bowling Club, Syston.
In a spirit of generosity,  friendship and fellowship the Committee extends  a cordial and hearty invitation  to you to  submit one or more teams for entry to the aforementioned, on payment of the sum of £5 per team.
The winners will be awarded a “Grand Network  U3A Quiz Trophy” – or bottle of lemonade from Lidl if the Committee is unable to find a suitable trophy for 50p.
A selection of non alcoholic beverages will be available during the interval, and the Bowls Club will be persuaded, cajoled, and brow beaten into opening their bar to enable the purchase and consumption of assorted alcoholic beverages.
The closing date for team entries is Wednesday 14th February 2018
Further information regarding this Magnificent Event will be provided upon receipt of expressions of interest.
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Rule 1: The Quizmaster General’s decision on all matters will be final.
Rule 2: A team will consist of no more than 4 members; any team found smuggling in additional members under their table will be expelled from Syston for a period of 2 years.
Rule 3: Television show winners (Pointless, Mastermind, or Eggheads etc) are excluded unless The Committee is offered a truly impressive bribe.
Rule 4: The use of electronic devices to obtain answers to Quiz questions is expressly forbidden – any team breaking this rule will be scorned, ridiculed, Tarred & Feathered, and made to stand in the corner facing the wall.
Rule 5: Anyone questioning the Quizmaster General’s decisions will be  sternly spoken to by the Quizmaster General’s Wife, whose wrath is terrible and to be avoided at all costs.
Rule 6: The above rules may be amended, added to, or deleted according to the frame of mind of the Quizmaster General or Members of the Committee, providing they are sober at the time.
Rule 7: When the Quizmaster General’s decision is clearly and obviously wrong refer to Rule 1.
Rule 8: Any rowdy, abusive, disorderly or common behaviour not befitting the Event will result in the offender’s name being published in the Syston Town News “Hall of Shame”.

Please note: Syston Bowling Club is located within Central Park, Syston, between Melton Road (Post Code: LE7 2HB) and St Peter’s Street (Post Code: LE7 1HL). Be forewarned: there is limited parking at the Club unless you are coming by tandem or hot air balloon.