The Treasury Team – September ramblings

News from the Treasury Team  

Our U3A 2017 Slimline diaries selling at £2 are flying off the shelves at an alarming rate, alarming that is for the many members whose diary reliance is paramount, but excellent news for the forever-good-humoured cash-orientated treasurer!  If you would like to make a reservation or a purchase, please contact Margaret or David or see us at the Membership Desk at General Meetings.

A final (for this year) word on the matter of annual subscriptions: a ‘flexible’ but very sincere THANK YOU to everyone.  ‘Flexible’ – what does he mean?  If you paid early in the year or round about the beginning of May our thanks are big and bold.  If you fell into the late payers’ camp our thanks are still genuine but just a little less fervent!  We are sure you will understand.  David & Margaret Kyle.