The Treasury Team – June ramblings

Triumph unlimited!  A smile has broken out on David’s face.  Subscriptions for 2017/2018 were due 1st May and members have set a new record: as I write just over 80% success!  Thank you to all those who have paid and a concerned and anxious plea to the 180 members who have yet to pay up!  Cheques are payable to ‘SLU3A’ and membership is £15 each person, or £11.50 if you can demonstrate fully paid up membership of another U3A.  If your membership card is printed in GREEN it is certain you are on the debtor’s list!  This year’s cards are printed in BLUE.  If you have yet to pay, or if you are not sure if you have, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.  The end of this year’s exercise is in sight, but we still have some way to go, so please assist the Treasury Team with all possible speed.  David & Margaret Kyle.