The Treasury Team – July ramblings

Receiving and chasing members’ subscriptions for the 2017/2018 continues to prevent the treasury team from falling into an overdue phase of inactivity.  Our daily round of reminder telephone calls and letters to members continues.  Either a cheque or cash to cover well-overdue £15 subscription payments will be received with much joy.  Please phone 01858 463545 if you have any queries about your subs status.  You should have a BLUE printed membership card indicating ‘Subscription paid 1st May 2017 – 30 April 2018’.  Please give your urgent attention if appropriate!!!!!  As usual, we expected a number of members would fall into the ‘Will Not Renew’ category and we to say to our leavers ‘Thank You’ for your contribution to the success of SLU3A over the years.  Good reasons for non-renewal are typically: (1) overwhelming grand-parenting duties  (2) moved house to be nearer the family  (3) taken on board too many post retirement commitments  (4) found other local interests  (5) advancing years  (6) care commitments.  We are always delighted to welcome back into membership former members who find they now have time on their hands.  And again ‘Thank You’ for the many kind messages of encouragement and support that are communicated to the treasury team, we really do appreciate your thoughts.  David & Margaret Kyle.