The Coffee Hub – June 2021

In May we had lots of fun at our Zoom Garden Party.  Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion with hats, bunting, garden backgrounds and a few cocktails being swigged here and there!   First, we had a short, gardening tips session which included lots of thrifty ideas for collecting seeds from fruit and vegetables and producing your own plants; plus an ingenuous idea for a garden sprinkler and how to make a concrete garden fox!  Following a chat about all things gardening and gardens to visit, etc, we finished with a wide-ranging gardening quiz – won by our new member, Hilary.

Our next two sessions of the Coffee Hub will be as follows:

Tuesday, 15th June – ‘Punch Cards and Lipstick’ – a light-hearted look at early computing history led by our pop-up guest, Michael Milsom, leader of the SLU3A Science and Technology Group.

Tuesday, 20th July – We are planning a ‘REAL’ coffee morning at a local café, so have a think about where you would like to go and let me know.

For further information about ‘The Coffee Hub’, please send an e-mail to

Denise Smith