Sunday Singles lunches 2 – November report

Eight members of Group 2, in the Sunday Singles lunches, met on Sunday 3rd November at The Elms restaurant in Lutterworth for what was to prove quite an eventful lunch.     Between certain hours it is possible to book your lunch, which our Group members did.    You have to pay ‘up front’ for your lunch but then you can just relax.    Our members thoroughly enjoyed their meal which they found quite delicious but – as they had just finishing eating,  there was a complete power cut.    The restaurant had a small generator for the kitchen but nothing in the restaurant itself.   Our eight members therefore thoroughly enjoyed watching the staff and customers virtually running around like headless chickens.    The only downside was – having paid for their lunches already, there was no possibility of a ‘free lunch’ but it was certainly a lunch to remember.   For further information regarding this and the other two Groups, please contact Jan Tilley on 01858 461186.   All three Groups are full at present but there is a ‘waiting list’.