Sunday Singles Lunch Group 2 August report

On Sunday 4th August, twelve members of Group 2 in the Sunday Singles Lunches met at The Crown Pub in Tur Langton.  As usual the food was outstanding and much appreciated by quite a few members of the Group.    The road at Church Langton was blocked and the police would not allow anybody to travel to Tur Langton.    This meant that quite of few of us had to go a very circuitous route to the village,approaching the pub from the other end of the village.   We found out that there had been a very bad accident involving a motorcyclist ,just outside Tur Langton, necessitating the attendance of the Air Ambulance.    It all made the lunch more special because of the efforts made to attend therefore ensuring  a very jolly time together – good food and even better company.  For more details of this and the other two Groups, please contact Jan Tilley on 01858 461186.