Speaker Coordinator


It’s now a year since we began holding our Monthly Meetings via Zoom. This has proved to be very successful, and we have all enjoyed a variety of talks from some excellent speakers.


We’ve been awed by wildlife and shown how to take better photos with our mobiles.  Once, we were treated to a romp through the scandal and salacious gossip of history.

In April, we were whisked away to some of the great squares of the world.  We’ve been taken on fascinating walks through the Welland Valley,  and around the city of London; last August we were shown how to look for love and romance in art.

Another time, we discovered how to use everyday psychology and more recently, found out about the history of cartoons.  In January, even learned how to spot a serial killer!

Our Zoom audiences have increased over the year and I’d like to thank you all so much for your support.


At our Zoom AGM on Monday 14th July,  Colin Cohen will be guiding us around the streets of London again with his ‘Oranges and Lemons’ talk. This time, introducing us to even more fascinating landmarks along the way.

At our August meeting, Phil Aldridge will be speaking about ‘ The Golden Number – in Art, Music, Nature, Architecture and perhaps, Mathematics’.  Sounds very intriguing, Phil!

Bruce White will be back in September to share with us, ‘A Birder’s Year – Autumn and Winter’.  It will be good to learn which birds to look out for as the seasons change.

We are very lucky that these speakers are able to deliver their talks, either via Zoom or in person.

I’m hoping that in the next newsletter, I shall be able to update you on how or where the last few talks of the year will take place.


Liz Brett

Speaker Coordinator