Speaker coordinator

I know that many of you have been joining us for our monthly Zoom meetings, and this is the way we will continue into the new year.  We start off on Monday 11th January with what promises to be a fascinating talk,  on ‘How to Catch a Serial Killer’ by speaker Bill Rayner.  On Monday 8th February, Sarah Slater will be giving us a glimpse of the ‘Sex, Secrets, Scandal and Salacious Gossip of the Royal Court 1660-1830. Sounds like fun!

In March, one of our SLU3A members, Hilary Hearnshaw, will be our speaker. More details of her talk in next month’s newsletter.  As we head into Tier 4 with it’s added restrictions, it seems to me that our monthly meetings are becoming an important way to connect with our friends, as well as giving us all an hour of much needed interest and entertainment.  I do hope you will be able to join us.

Liz Brett, Speaker Coordinator