Society Today

I have had to revise again the dates of our next three meetings and apologise for this.

Here are the dates and the other details:
Thursday, June 8:  ‘The decline in integrity in business life, especially the food industry but many other areas, too’.  Presenter:  John Pearse.
Thursday, July 13:  ‘As a nation we consume huge quantities of manufactured medicines, sometimes very costly ones.  Should we try to shift the balance to habits of healthy living through regular national campaigns (which will also reduce the crippling cost)’.  Presenter:  Val Murton.
Thursday, September 14:  ‘With so much divorce today, should we increase and emphasise practical courses of preparation for marriage to help our society as a whole?’.  Presenter:  Tom Gilmore.

I am grateful to Val and John for helping with this rearrangement.
PS:  I could not obtain a date in this season for the talk on the Value of the Arts in Our Lives and will try to arrange it for the Autumn term when the University may have more latitude, perhaps.  Tom Gilmore.