Society Today – October meeting

The subject was ‘The right to privacy’ – a matter of growing concern in our times.
The Press has long exploited any notable failings it can unearth in social behaviour.  Nowadays it has fresh ‘friends’: TV, radio and Facebook etc, which extend the scope for intrusive prying.  There is, of course, commercial exploitation of personal details.  There is also plenty of junk mail and unworthy revelations.  The consequences are that, maybe rightly- social faults of ‘baddies’ are revealed but – wrongly – some innocent and decent behaviour can be criticised by deliberate, irresponsible intrusion.  There is another serious aspect: we tend to follow the fashion and lack charity and sink rather to ‘I told you so’, lowering our standards and level of fairness.  There is more than a right to enjoy privacy: we have personal lives to live, say, in our relationships at home, with friends and in our work, features which are vulnerable.  Could we look for the best in others and avoid the slander which is the lifeblood of those who care not for the good of others.  We are not protected by the law as well as we should be.  The Government and Press should act to remedy this situation.
Next meeting: November 9 ‘The value of the Arts in our Society’.  Tom Gilmore.