Society Today – November meeting

Our topic was a most important one “The value of the arts in our Society”. We had a thorough discussion about the effects that art has on our own values and what they represent to us individually and when seen together as a full range: music, dance, painting, architecture, photography and sculpture: all stimulating and promoting new ideas, guiding our feelings, encouraging satisfaction and self-confidence and social bonding. This process reminds us of the power of pride and courage by the transformation of raw emotions, fostering new attitudes and alleviating loneliness. One indirect benefit is the readiness to develop skills: perhaps pottery, woodcraft and musicianship. We then looked at some instances of treasured art brought by some members. These works were shown to us all and discussed. Lastly, we made mention of training: schools for Drama students or musicians etc under the guidance of talented tutors. We mentioned sources of fund-raising and the need for us actively to involve ourselves and develop our own cultural opportunities. Thank you to Michael Milsom who projected the images for us to appreciate and who contributed also his own views. An excellent meeting full of good shared ideas.

Tom Gilmore