Society Today – June

The topic for our May meeting was ‘The allocation of local Council income from government and other sources’. It was brilliantly presented and fully explained by our visiting speaker, Mr Simon Riley, Head of Finance and Corporate Services for Market Harborough. A demanding task to allocate a £4 million budget carefully
and successfully. Everything is counted, e.g the attendance fees claimed by the Councillors and another example: car park charges bringing in almost £100,000. The rates on businesses also help raise money; the list is long! Then there is the expense of house-building to pay for.

Mr Riley brought copies for us of the analysis of all the major items of his Council’s budget for us to keep.

A most satisfactory and useful meeting which brought up all the matters our members wanted to learn more about.

We were lucky to have such an able speaker. Market Harborough is lucky too!

Next meeting: June 14. Subject: ‘What can British society do to promote greater racial cohesion?’

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