Society today – July

Topic: “What can British society do to promote racial cohesion?”

This important topic was treated conscientiously and carefully by all
the members of our group. We recognised the real task it was to bring
Asian (largely) communities into close and positive relations with the
existing, mainly, English and other original citizens’  bodies,
socially and culturally.

The rights of incoming new streams were accepted but neither side felt
at ease with each other and the English would tend to “give up”. The
Asian sectors were so deeply attached to their own life-style,
religious attitudes and customs.

Good will was not absent but there were feelings of distance, even at
times hostility. However, we are slowly making progress by efforts
being rewarded: newcomers often bring valuable skills, e.g. in the
medical field and in law and science. But on the whole education
experiences far fewer mergers or acceptances of coloured people
including the children. It has been calculated that by 2050 ethnic
groups will rise to 30% of the population.

Few of us may be really keen to come together. Racial prejudice is
still felt by incomers for whom the family is all – important. We have
our own failings and so we must all try harder to bridge all gaps.

Next meeting: July 12. Topic: “How we can and should make sure that the
NHS is properly funded”
Tom Gilmore
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