Society Today – January meeting

All members contributed at this month’s meeting, making very good points about this worrying topic:  ‘The Deterioration of Family Life’.  Marriage breakups are quite frequent; non-married couples often split which consequently may have harmful effects on individuals, and loneliness and anxieties which easily lead to brief liaisons.  Children suffer greatly having little support, getting little affection and a lack of confidence at school where they can experience bullying, they do not do well at their studies and can do little about it all.  For all levels social problems, including mental ones, arise.  What values do we start off with?  Usually, affection, hope, trust, recognition of the bonds and shared responsibilities.  These values can all suffer quickly and be lost.  Divorce can so often be a great blow.  How are we to cope with others?  Are we likely to try to be nice and kind to others, not sorry for ourselves, not selfish?  Fortunately, despite the weaker state of social values, marriage with its great virtues still prevails.  We have to put up with financial strictures and a widening social gulf, people become depressed and health can suffer.  There is usually a loss of job and social esteem, we actually need work to feel accepted.  We must see this situation in the broadest contexts: does the media bring anything positive?  Has life much value without love?  What is the purpose of life?  All these are very difficult problems but as a society we must tackle them by caring for others and promoting their best needs and respecting all our fellow citizens.  That is the only hope and the whole nation needs to make a conscious effort to remedy this destructive tendency.
Our next meeting will be on 9th February, with the subject of: ‘Climate Change’, presented by Chris Brown.  Tom Gilmore.