Society Today-have your say October/November

Meeting of 11th Oct.2018

Topic :” Our judgments of the qualities and weaknesses of our BBC, TV and Radio Programmes”.

This, of course turned out to be a large domain from light entertainment sound/vision to sport, serious regular features from society to nature, drama, regional as well as national, with a few glances towards foreign lands and music. Wonderful!

We were really proud of the great steps we have made since the 1940s: wide scope, lively and enriching programmes, fresh topics which contribute greatly to our general knowledge, pleasure, and sense of satisfaction. Only one aspect disappointed us: too many superficial so – called comedy programmes spoilt by their thin quality. We would prefer really the great entertainers of the recent past of whom there were many; Tommy Cooper, the Two Ronnies, and Morecombe and Wise for example.

Serious topics impressed us by their power and depth: drama, crime stories (often beautifully written). We were greatly satisfied with these. Also there is a vast amount of informative themes: politics, education, cookery, “How to do” sessions, nature, science, natural life, history, even weather forecasts.

Obviously, this brief outline informs and would please most people, rightly so. A great success: a great service!

Next meeting: Thursday, November 8. Topic to follow.

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