Society Today – have your say – August


“How  can we and should we try to ensure that the NHS is properly

Our group discussed the problems very carefully.

Suggestions for progress:

1  Raising age of contributions from all members.
2  By charging even more for prescriptions.
3  Charging for food in hospitals.
4  By ring-fencing cost on medical research.
5  Charging more for new foreign residents.
6  Introducing a new special national charge for new EU immigrants.
7  By paying a ring-fence weekly/monthly charge as needs may become
8  More efficient and timely discharge of patients ready for home.

Some general points made:
if at all possible receive treatment at home.
allow private companies to run some clinical residences.

The above were the main and well-discussed possibilities we offered.

Overall we were very keen to see improvements especially those promoted
and fostered and even imposed by the State and centrally funded.

The group’s contributions were excellent.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 13.
Topic: “Consider the finer qualities of British society. Why should we
be proud of being British? What future has the UK got?”
Tom Gilmore