Society Today – February

The quality of our public services

Generally a gloomy survey: much dissatisfaction over the performance in most of them. The NHS: not enough staff or hospital provision despite their efforts. Growing needs and demands. Rising costs of drugs, equipment etc. Police: growing demands in fraud prevention, street crime reduction and local surveillance work. Child care: a mixture of approval and concern in rearing children, lack of respect for children’s needs. In primary education, there is much good teaching and encouraging learning.  Nursery provision is still not made everywhere. Student training numbers are down, but teachers have heavy demands placed on them. Academies are clearly given favourable support and freedom. The railway network is only slowly growing. Prisons are crowded and do little to rehabilitate inmates – a disgrace! Industry requires a full programme of apprenticeship training with thorough standard tests. Business salaries are often too high. We need in general to be determined to meet European standards all round. Next meeting: February 8. Mike Milsom will give an introduction to a most important topic under the title “Every breath you take!”