Society Today – February meeting

Global warming is the most threatening trend humanity is now facing.  Chris Brown, a member of our group, took us through a very informative and clear analysis of this, calmly drawing our attention to the disasters to come as well as the interlinked aspects and dreadful outcomes of the many, if small, increases in temperature.  Some examples are water loss, drought and desertification of whole countries, serious risks from modern agriculture and to animal life-chances, loss of forests; coming floods on a continental scale.  There seems little to be done unless we radically change most economies: eradication of fossil fuels, huge development of renewable energies, etc.  All this would still leave us with huge problems and costs to face.  The Paris Agreement is largely ignored.
A brilliant exposition by Chris on a profoundly disturbing state mankind has reached.  The discussion that followed was very lively if not reassuring.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, 9th March, on ‘The State of Education Today’.  Tom Gilmore.