Society Today – August meeting

In August we tackled the immense problem of the pollution of our oceans by waste plastic materials dumped there in huge quantities and by most countries – especially in South East Asia.  A major feature is that waste is carried by sea-currents around the oceans and the quantities are immense: packs hundreds of kilometres long and wide.  Result: damage to coral and other sea-growths, ingestion of the now tiny particles by fish not recognising that the substances are not food.  In fact, the fish suffer greatly in the long run.  Humans also are affected to some extent.  One clearance-effort: guiding the huge blocks to the land and then recycling or burning them, which is a huge problem in itself.  The real solution must be a firm international agreement to reduce commercial packaging which is an easy, convenient and attractive way of selling foods, goods, etc (most of which is not essential?).  We had a very lively discussion showing our concern for the future of the planet.  Tom Gilmore.