Society Today

At our March meeting we tackled our real concerns about the sharp  increase in violent crime in recent years.  Every member contributed positively to our discussions, blaming in part the illicit sale of drugs. To be noted is a 20% rate of reoffending.  Money to deal with these problems is inadequate, especially when older  people are being drawn into this criminality. What can we do? …. not leave it to the police but urge a change of  responsibility to us as the public which will voice our awareness of  possible improvements: guiding the new young generation via family and  close relationships. Society as a whole needs to take specific steps against stabbing, turf-wars and drug  peddling, backed up by  positive, accurate reporting by the media.

Our next meeting is on Thursday April 11th, at 2.00pm.  The subject will be one of the following two:
1) Family structure today          2) Transport in England: and its adequacy.

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