Singles Sunday Lunch (No 3) – October meeting

On Sunday, 16th October, we were introduced to The Hare pub in Loddington by one of the members of the Group 3 lunch group.  It was the first time here for most of us (and a few had difficulty in finding it) but what a gem it was.  A beautiful building, a lovely atmosphere and perhaps one of the best Sunday lunches we have eaten this year.  All nine of us present decided to go straight to the main course where we had a good selection of items on the menu.  It was all beautifully presented and well cooked.  The gravy was to die for!  Being a fairly greedy lot we opted to look at the pudding menu.  Fourteen different choices, including a cheeseboard and icecreams.  I indulged in a fresh strawberry trifle which was delightful.  There were no complaints from anybody.  We are now looking forward to indulging once again in November.  Where shall we go and will it be as good as this month?  For further details of Group 3 of the Singles Sunday Lunch Club do please contact me.  Jan Tilley.