Singles Sunday Lunch (No 1) – September meeting

On Sunday, 25th September, ten members of Group 1 of the Singles Sunday Lunch Groups met at The Crown pub in Tur Langton.  Normally our Groups enjoy going to this pub but this time it proved to be very disappointing, with some members experiencing cold food and all finding the service extremely slow.  In the past, the Management were happy to let us pay individually for our food and drinks, but this has now changed.  Having to pay a lump sum for the ten members proved somewhat arduous and might well dictate whether or not to lunch in this pub in the future.  Despite all these difficulties, there was plenty of chatter and laughter as all members of the Group enjoyed meeting up once again.  For further details of this Lunch Group which meets every 4th Sunday in the month, do please contact me.  Jan Tilley.