Singles Sunday Lunch (No 1) – November meeting

On Sunday, 27th November, eleven members of Group 1 of the Singles Sunday Lunch Clubs met for lunch at the Oathill Pub in Market Harborough.  As usual it was a very lively lunchtime with plenty of talking and laughter.  The only drawback was the slowness of service at the pub, we were the first to arrive but it took nearly 40 minutes just to get drinks and order food.  The whole experience lasted over three hours, which was unfortunate as some of our Group had other places to go to.  For more details of this Group, do please contact me.  Jan Tilley.

May I wish all members of the three Groups, especially those who are not able to attend my afternoon party on Sunday 18th December, a very Merry Christmas and I very much look forward to seeing you all in 2017.