Singles Sunday Lunch (No 1) – January meeting

On Sunday, 22nd January, thirteen members in Group 1 of the Singles Sunday Lunch Groups met up.  It was wonderful to see everybody again for the first time this year – it seems such a long time since the last meeting at the end of November.  We joined each other at The Red Lion in Great Bowden where we all enjoyed good food in very good company.  We also welcomed back Maureen Druce who has been unable to join us for a few months because of illness.  It was lovely to see her again.  We also welcomed a new member to the group, Veronica Leech, who seemed to enjoy herself and promises to join us again for lunch in the future.  This Group meets every fourth Sunday in each month.  For further information about this and the other two Singles Sunday Lunch Groups, do please contact me.  Jan Tilley.