Singles Sunday Lunch (No 1) – August meeting

On Sunday, 27th August, nine members of group 1 of the Singles Sunday Lunch groups, met in Rothwell at the Thai Gardens restaurant.  We had the ‘Sunday Buffet’ which is a set menu for £17.  It was fantastic.  We had a round table with a ‘lazy Susan’ in the middle, and were delivered four delicious courses – the second and third with multiple dishes to choose from.  The way the ‘lazy Susan’ was being pulled around it was a wonder it didn’t take off.  After the four courses we enjoyed either tea or coffee, plus chocolate and a fortune cookie each.  Mine said that I had been on an arduous journey but I shall soon be turning the corner!  A most enjoyable lunch and a restaurant to which we all agreed we should like to return.  For further details of all the Sunday lunch groups, do please contact me.  Jan Tilley.