Singles Sunday Lunch (Group 2) – September/October

On Sunday 2nd September, 7 members of Group 2 (Singles Sunday Lunch Groups) met together at The Cherry Tree pub in Market Harborough.   Despite the reduced number of attendees it was a really interesting and informative lunch with excellent food and wonderful company.    The only compaint, if there is to be one, is the extraordinary portions of meat given.   Luckily two of our Group have dogs and they both went home with large round containers filled with left-over chicken, beef and pork.    They must surely be the best fed dogs in the whole of Harborough.   At this lunch we welcomed one of new members to the Group – Rosemary Holden – who immediately gelled with all present and will be a great asset to the Group.    For further details of this and the other two Groups, please contact Jan Tilley on 01858 461186.

On Sunday 16th September, eleven members of Group 2 in the Sunday Singles Lunches met together at the Harborough Golf Club, for what proved to be an unusual lunch for us.   The Golf Club had pushed two round tables together, which is usually fine.  However, some of us got the wrong time for the lunch and, therefore, the first to arrive over a half hour period were all our female members who seated themselves at one end of a round table.    When all our male members finally arrived, they placed themselves at the other end of the second round table.   This has never happened before but, despite the slight communication difficulties, we still had a thoroughly enjoyable meeting with excellent food.   I have decided to book a couple of tables for a special Christmas Lunch at the Golf Club, for Sunday 16th December.   They have an extensive menu planned with 2 courses for £15.50 and 3 courses for £17.50.    Our three Groups don’t usually meet so this will be a splendid opportunity for a ‘get together’.   If any member of the 3 Groups would like to join us for this lunch, please contact Jan Tilley on 01858 461186.