Singles Sunday Lunch Group 1 – May

As we had not visited Harborough Golf Club since last year (and the debacle with the chef), seven members of Group 1 in the Sunday Singles Lunches went there on Sunday 28th April.    I am afraid that it still hasn’t recovered and our lunch was not good.   The menu has been pared down to just four options for starters, mains and puddings.  We all decided not to have a starter and to go straight to the main course which offered 3 roasts:  Beef, Pork and Turkey.  The fourth options was Lasagne and chips (not what we thought suitable for a Sunday lunch) and, obviously, no vegetarian option.   As the plates of roast meats were brought to the table one of our ladies had to return her Yorkshire pudding as it was cremated.   We then found that the plates were cold and, consequently, our meals were only tepid.   The only thing offered hot was cauliflower cheese which was so hot that we had to have a tea towel to try and pass it round the table.   Another of our ladies asked for her meal to be reheated – which was done in the microwave and, as everyone knows, this heats the food but tends to make items like roast potatoes lose their crispness.    It was a shame as the actual food tasted fine – it was just too cold.    Puddings, likewise, posed problems.   The menu stated Chocolate Fudge cake, Lemon sponge tart, Strawberries and cream and Cinnemon sponge with fruits.  We asked about the Lemon sponge tart and it was as stated – a pastry case housing a lemon sponge.  Several of us decided on the Strawberries and cream, only to be told that they had run out of strawberries.   During last year the restaurant was always full with many groups and families having lunch.   Our table was the first on Sunday, followed a little later by another table of 4.   There were a couple of single lunches but the place was virtually deserted.   We could not understand how they could have run out of any of the food on the menu.    One of our members knew some of the people on the other table so went and asked how their meal was.   Apparently it was very hot but – they were told that there was no turkey available or strawberries.    Only one of our table had a pudding – the chocolate pudding – which was just plonked down in front of them with no offer of cream, icecream etc.    It was, apparently, very hard on top and not very fresh.   When we asked about coffee we were told that they could provide ordinary coffee (we wondered whether it would be instant) or if we wanted anything like latte etc. then they had had a machine installed and we could go and get one ourselves at the cost of £1.50!    To say that we were not impressed by our visit to the Golf Club is an understatement.   We complained and this resulted in a reduction of the cost of our meal.  We were told that the Club is under new management and that the ‘Executive Chef’ was not on the premises.     I think that it will be quite some time before we try this venue again.   For further information regarding the 3 Sunday Single Lunch Groups, please contact Jan Tilley on 01858 461186