Singing for Fun – June meetings

It’s not easy to find much new to say about our meetings.  They’re all so enjoyable.  At our first meeting of the month, Judith as always acted as vocal coach at the outset to get us singing properly (!) with exercises in body positioning demonstrating how our mouths, in different ‘attitudes’, can produce differences of sound.  The usual mix of songs in contrasting styles followed for the rest of the afternoon.  George led the group in one song and Robert sang a solo.  He jokingly introduced it as a sad, sweet little story, singing it in Cockney vernacular, about what happened when a lady gave her tiny baby a bath.  It goes like this:

A mother was bathing her baby
Bathing her baby one day
The lady was fat but the baby was thin
Just like a skeleton wrapped up in skin

She only turned round for a minute
To reach for the soap off the rack
She only turned round for a minute
But oh when she turned back

O-o-o-o-oh the baby had utterly vanished
Vanished completely away
She cried out, ‘Oh! where is my baby?’
Then she heard an angel say

‘Your baby has gone down the plughole
Your baby has gone down the plug
It was too small to be bathed at all
It should have been washed in a jug’

Sailing away down the drainpipe,
Happy as happy could be
Sailing away down the drainpipe
Right down to Southend-on-Sea

There are more comic songs to come folks!

Our second meeting of the month was, as always, an afternoon much enjoyed.  Judith continued with her vocal tuition and tried some really difficult songs on us, such as singing the lyrics which have been written to go alongside one of the Glenn Miller instrumental classics.  Robert led the group in another comic Cockney song: When Father Papered The Parlour, introducing it as: ‘One of the songs I learned at my Dad’s knee, and other low joints.’  He spoke the verses (not knowing the tune to them), the songsters joining in the chorus after each.

Important note: there’ll be a gap of 3 weeks before we meet again on 14th July.   Robert Cook 01858 469337.