Singing for Fun – July meeting

Judith was away this afternoon on her holidays, so we did our singing both unaccompanied and with the help of recorded music (vinyl records and CDs).  The presentation (apart from those songs chosen by Robert) was in the hands of George, who led the singing (unaccompanied) of three of his favourites and Ann, who used Robert’s CD player for some of hers.  The first half was extended beyond its normal length so as to allow as much singing as possible before having, after the tea break, a meeting of members which George had asked for.  He wanted to present his views and reservations about the way our activity (particularly the programme) was organised and run.  At his own suggestion he chaired and led a lengthy, full and frank discussion on the issue which he felt strongly about.  Ann had sought, by a group email message, to find the views of all members on the matter and read out two contributions from members who were unable to be present.  A new format was agreed in which Judith would play a much larger role because of her value to the group, music in the form of CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records and songs sung ‘a capella’ to take a minor part.  We overran our time in doing so!
A reminder that we are not singing in August.  The next meeting is Friday, 8th September.  Robert Cook 01858 469337.