Singing for Fun – April meeting

After Judith gave us more instruction – and inspiration (literally!) – on how to make the most of our voices, Robert had some rather distressing news to impart regarding the personal lives of two of our oldest members.  However, the spirits of our enthusiastic fellow singers refused to be dampened and we quickly gave voice to some rousing songs.  For after all, folks, The Show Must Go On!
Robert led the group in a rendition of a 1920’s song telling the tale of Abdul Abulbul Amir and his fought-to-the-death opponent Ivan Skavinsky Skavar.  This had to be unaccompanied since his all-of £20 smart phone wasn’t up to the task of producing much in the way of audible music.  Pauline felt unwell that day and apologised for her inability to give us one of her delightful solos.  Next time, we hope.  A much-needed tea interval was followed by the now well-tried formula of alternating piano/recorded music to accompany our singing.  Pop songs, folk songs, opera – we try it all.  The next time we raise the rafters is Friday, 12th May.  Robert Cook (01858 469337).