Singing for Fun

As a relatively young group we’re still experimenting with finding the right kind of approach to our activity, and after last Friday’s very successful and joyous afternoon’s singing, a small group of our founding members, together with our new, accomplished pianist Judith, met to discuss our way forward.  Following feedback the decision was reached to keep to our original plan of meetings held roughly every fortnight (2nd and 4th Friday afternoons).  Also, Judith agreed to attend and accompany us on each occasion and, much to our great satisfaction, stay for both halves of the afternoon.  We will alternate her choices and piano playing in each half with Robert’s and members’ choices, ‘illustrated’ by canned music (be they on disc, cassette tape or vinyl), and there will also be some unaccompanied pieces.  We will be alternating the two different ‘presentations’ in each half.  This idea has many merits and is well worth a try.  Come along and see how you like this novel and exciting programme!  The other decision we made is to keep singing in July, closing down only for the month of August.

Vinyl is coming back!  I’m taking the opportunity to buy lots of 2nd-hand single 45s* at the Market Hall of a Sunday so that, in the rare event of our accomplished accompanist Judith being away, we have great musical back-up for our singing.  Robert Cook  01858 469337.

*He has LPs and CDs available as well.