Relaxation for life – October

The dates for October are the 9th and the 23rd, we meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 10-12 MD. We are a small and friendly group and new members are always welcome. This term we are concentrating on new ways of breathing, Mindfulness and Visualisation Meditation. I am always looking at new ways and methods of meditation so we are always moving forward. If interested in joining us please contact me on 01858 431759. Susanne Trevorrow.

New Group. Understanding Spirituality and Extra Sensory Perception.

I have been trying to get this new group off the ground for several months with no success. I have decided to give it one more try. If you are interested in self awareness, intuition, telepathy, the importance of dreams and extra sensory perception then look no further. Contact me on 01858 431759, Susanne Trevorrow.