Railway Exploration – November

In November we plan to look at Camping Coaches, some more railway remains of the local region, pigeon traffic on the railway and/or any other topics that occur to your presenters in the coming weeks.  Our last meeting viewed John Betjeman’s take on the Somerset & Dorset railway (recently featured in the current “Railway Walks ” TV Series) and we may well look at some more of his entertaining presentation on the steam railways he loved.  Additionally, we shall discuss any local railway matters of topical interest or whatever else about the railway that takes our fancy!

We  look at the interesting things about railways – their art, social history and technical development in order to further our understanding of their influence on the last 200 years.  Join us for a taster session or ask any of our members (especially the ladies) to confirm that we are not inherently nerdish train-spotting anoraks – although we gladly cater for that interest when the occasion arises!