Railway Exploration – June 2021



At the start of lockdown, now well over a year ago, the Railway Exploration Group made a diversification into self-publishing as a substitute for defunct face to face meetings.  We got together as a small circle of writers specialising in anything railway connected and called ourselves the LRWG (Lockdown Railway Writers Guild).  Since that time we have circulated nearly 120 articles, on a weekly basis, to a list of over two dozen readers.  We hope that those regular Monday morning mini e-magazines containing a little discussion and some railway-influenced art, helped our readers through some of the dark days of lockdown.  Now that things appear to be easing and there are many more opportunities to get out, we have decided to bring the series to an end and the June 7th issue will be our last.  In the attached graphics you can see our Writers Guild logo and an illustration from our penultimate article which covered one of railway history’s most significant events.  We hope to resume meetings in the not too distant future but failing that, our new friend Mr Zoom, will no doubt lend us a hand.

Dudley Brown