Railway Exploration – July 2020


The Lockdown Railway Writers Group (LRWG) a.k.a. Railway Exploration continues to thrive as an online publishing co-operative.  With over 50 articles contributed to date,  we have established a good way of increasing our knowledge of railway history while maintaining contact during the most restrictive period of lockdown.  With topics ranging from Victorian railway etiquette to modern day “road testing” of new trains, childhood holidays by steam train, and the railway seen through the eyes of some of our great literary authors, there has been plenty to satisfy the curious.  Now that lockdown restrictions have been eased somewhat we have decided to reduce our rate of publication to about once-weekly despite our publishing editor’s in-tray containing a healthy backlog of material.  Although it is unlikely to be soon, we are looking forward to when regular meetings can resume – there  will be lots to discuss and one of the first items on the agenda has to be organisation of a group lunch!