Railway Exploration – December 2020


What a year it has been!  Our last face-to-face meeting was nearly 12 months ago and like many other groups we’ve greatly missed our monthly get-togethers.  Notwithstanding, at the start of the first lockdown we came up with an idea beneficial to the wider community in addition to our U3A members: the establishment of the Lockdown Railway Writers Group (LRWG).  Several people, both inside and outside the group had expressed a willingness to write on a railway theme for the benefit of group, family and friends.  Despite this not being part of U3A we thought it would be a good way of introducing non-members to the U3A way of life and possibly encourage them to join in the future.  Perhaps our initial flurry of writing would keep us going for just a few weeks?  But here we are, approaching Christmas, having just published article number 70 in our Monday morning weekly series!  It’s been a rewarding experience for all our contributors and really only made possible with the benefit of modern technology & email.  Now at the start of the festive season and with Santa in mind, our recommended books list has been sent out with fiction, Christmas travel and ghost stories yet to come.  As 2021 approaches everyone in the LRWG is looking forward to the time when we can celebrate a return to some kind of U3A normality.  Finally, at the group we offer our greetings and best wishes to all U3A members and readers of this newsletter.

Phil Danks