Quilty Pleasures At Duxford

At the end of October some of us at Quilty Pleasures joined forces with our friends in Quilty Secrets (O&WU3A) and had a lovely day out to the last quilt show of 2016 at Duxford.  We always look forward to the Duxford shows, its not too far to travel, its not a big show but there is still lots to see (and to buy!) and this year didn’t disappoint.  There were plenty of good traders there, so we all stocked up on essentials (and not-so-essentials) to see us through the dark, winter months ahead.  The quilt exhibition was one I had been looking forward to very much because work by Stephanie Crawford was on display.  One of her pieces (Chinese Journey) won the ‘Best Pictorial’ category at the 2013 International Festival of Quilts, NEC, and ‘Best in World’ at the 2014 World Quilt Show, USA, and I was delighted to see it again on show at Duxford as it has become one of my great favourites.

patchwork-chinese-journey  Chinese Journey

Here are a few more photos of Stephanie’s other works:

patchworksc  patchworksc4  patchworksc5  Holy Island I, II and III

Beautiful work from other exhibitors:

patchwork18  patchwork16  patchwork17  patchwork15

We had a lovely day and are now looking forward to the next show in the spring of 2017!