Publicity officer needed

Do you have skills or experience of publicity and marketing, including the use of social media?  If so, your Committee would like to hear from you.

We are looking for a member to work with the Committee to publicise SLU3A, as well as promoting recruitment and retention of new members.  This initiative is in conjunction with a drive by the U3A national office to recruit new members and maintain the sustainability of the movement.  As we emerge from the consequences of CoVid-19, there is also a huge opportunity to recruit new members from those who may now find themselves working part time, been made redundant or taken early retirement.  Support is already in place with a volunteer member acting as the PR Adviser for the East Midlands.  Nationally, a comprehensive Pathfinder pack will soon be available for U3As to dip into, incorporating lots of ideas on all the suggestions outlined above.  At the same time, new branding (supported by an online website)  is available for adoption and incorporation into our local media.  Virtual workshops are available, too.

If you are interested, please call on 07837 410 575 or email: to discuss how you can help take the already very successful SLU3A forward, as well as how this new volunteer role may best fit in with its organisation: we are open to new ideas!