Play the Ukulele!

The Ukulele Group is a really friendly group, which meets up to have fun by playing our ukuleles and singing along for all we are worth.  It doesn’t matter one bit how well we play or sing, we just enjoy having a go.

The group first met in August 2014 with three attendees, two of which were complete beginners.  Thirty months later there are over twenty of us, comprising roughly of an equal number of women and men.  Some of us have been playing for a year or more, but others only a matter of weeks.

The ukulele itself is a super instrument.  It is easy to play to a reasonable standard, and you do not need to be able to read music if you know the tune.  Within a very short space of time you can learn to be able to play literally hundreds of songs.

Since we do not have a tutor, we basically teach ourselves and help each other, especially beginners, with advice and tips about playing.  We play all types of songs including pop, folk, pre-war ballads, country, music hall, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll, and even some blues.  We enjoy it all.

We meet fortnightly.  Recently, some of us who like to perform have started giving concerts, using the name ‘Strictly Ukuleles’.  These have been well-received and any donations go into our charity pot for distribution at Christmas.  David Evans.